Kristian Paljasma


Planet OS Powerboard

Product Design. UX/UI. Together with Chris Kalima. 2016

Planet OS Datahub

Product Design, UI. 2016

Planet OS - Offshore Wind Energy Market Report 2016

Graphic design, layout, color palette. Infographics by Laura Leon. 2016


Product Design, UI. 2012-2014

ADC*Estonia Design Awards 2013, web application - 1st place

EXPO 2010 Shanghai, China - Estonian pavilion ""

Exterior design, graphic design, communication design. Co-author. 2009 - 2010

Authors Illimar Truverk, Ionel Lehari, Andres Labi, Janno Roos and co-authors Priit Hamer, Piret Lankots, Kristian Paljasma, Ants Lusti, Allan Kompus.

Photos by Reio Avaste

Fire Blaze

Simple fire app for Apple TV. Available on the Appstore.

UX, UI, brand, motion graphics, app development iOS Swift. 2015

Carbon Feathers

Typography and design experiments.

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Space Sense

Motion graphics experiments.

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Solaris mall wayfinder screen

Product design, 3D modelling, UI. With Identity 2008



T-brand, IIZI, Nortal and Peetri School logos are made during my time at Identity 2007-2012.